Friday, March 12, 2010

Firefox 3.6 for mac

Well I'm none to happy with this new version of Firefox that just updated on my MacBook Pro! I routinely size up the page when I get to a site. This NEW version of Firefox doesn't remember and every time I move about in Facebook it sizes it down to Mobile Browser dimensions! PITA!!!

Now I'm on the brand new version of Safari that doesn't recognize the 3 finger swipe to move to the top of the browser page PITA!!!

And all my bookmarks/pw's are on Firefox! PITA!!

Not happy camper right now, sigh.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Almost Spring

Well here it is, 50's weather for a week or so! Hint of Spring in the air, but Michigan fools us all the time so I'm expecting to see a big snowfall! Might melt right away but Michigan has been known to have snow falling the last week of April.

I'm happy in my new manufactured home. Nice community, lots of people to see passing my my window everyday. Maybe in the real Spring when its in the 60's I'll take a walk out there. Have to see how my health is coming along though.

Finances are very tight. Being on long term disability and Social Security Disability limits the amount of income I get in each month. That and the greedy credit card companies increasing the finance charges before the Feds clamped down. Congress really messed up giving the credit card companies 9 whole months to raise everything up to the sky.

Ah well rant off!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nice Autumn Day

It's a nice Autumn day. Overcast but in the 50's.

Not much happening lately.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Life begins, it travels many roads, encounters many souls, and then, in the twilight, life ends.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hi and Happy Father's Day

Well hello everyone!

It's fathers day and I treated myself to a new Blue Ant bluetooth headset V1 which I got at Best Buy. My old Blue Ant had rotten earpieces. The V1 also has voice answer :-) and MUCH better earpiece! I can charge in the car, by plugging into AC outlet OR with the included accessory car adapter I can plug it in to charge in the car!

This hot weather is the pits! My older sis NEVER turns on the AC, we died in the house yesterday! Don't know what she is thinking. My mother who is here in HOME HOSPICE can't be in this hot humid house like this and I've got Heart Issues which I'm on long term disability for and I can hardly stand it either.

But she's pays the bills so I can't very well bring it up....

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well Sabrina is outside by the back porch and at least is talking to me but she won't come in, maybe she'll come in tomorrow? I can only hope!

I'll sit here with the door ajar hoping that she will come in the house!  Her food and water are on the back porch and she went to both to look but I really think she is almost ready to come back in.



happy Saturday!

Sun is shining, its 70 or so out there and the rain is holding off until later I guess.

Sabrina came up on the back porch this morning to eat some dry food that was laying on the porch, I guess she didn't see the full container I'd put on top of the central air conditioner unit out there..anyway when I went to put more food thru the door with my hand she up and ran away again..

I've been inside all day, same as usual.  Wishing I had the strength to venture out but I get so tired so easily now.


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